Zombie Chart

by wootbot

TV Zombies

3rd Place in Derby #293: Infographics Revisited, Editor's Choice!

"Ironic as it is, well, we're going to have to cancel the show. There aren't enough non-zombies left to support an audience."

"So wait a minute: we're being cancelled for being too accurate a prediction of the future?"

"Yeah. Funny when you look at it that way, isn't it? Especially if that theory about the zombie outbreak being caused by mass delusion among zombie pop-culture fans is true. That would mean you guys not only predicted the future - you caused it, and thus, your own demise. But whatever the case, there just aren't enough people watching to pay the bills anymore. Survivors are too busy, you know, surviving to watch made-up stories about a zombie apocalypse. Walkers are terrible about paying their cable bills."

"No! Wait! We can retool! We can make the show cheaper! Maybe we could just do it as a reality show now. I'll put a pitch together by Tuesday and-"

"No. No, I'm afraid you won't be able to do that."

"Why not? After all we've done for this network, you won't even give us that chance?"

"No, because I'm going to eat you."