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I have the Artist and I want this too!


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Spiritgreen wrote:Raiding the wheat shed, the tiniest of victories matter a whole lot to a mouse. ^__^

This is based on the work of Scotland's most famous poet Robbie Burns',"To a mouse".

"I doubt not, sometimes, but you may steal;
What then? Poor beast, you must live!
An odd ear in twenty-four sheaves
Is a small request;
I will get a blessing with what is left,
And never miss it."


See a BIG VERSION of the shirt! This is six colors on brown.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design.

I love this design! If you ever get it made into a tshirt somewhere message me! =)


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Re: Tell Tale

Aww! I love this. I wish there was an option to buy!!!!


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Fujiko wrote:I am sad this didn't get an HM. Are you thinking of printing it anywhere else?

I may try. I sort of feel like this wouldn't work well without a derby theme behind it.


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Is this image copy righted? I’d like to see if I could re use it in my classroom. Our students are framing our lessons around narrative therapy and rose from concrete is the name of the program. We’d love to make shirts for the students with this design.

Re: The Rose That Grew From Concrete ( 2pac Shakur)