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Shipping included but amazon prime gives me free shipping for the rest of your site? Seems like an odd way to conduct your business. Per the faq the price increase is to cover shipping, so which is it? Is it an increase because you want more money or an increase to defer shipping costs? If you’re giving prime members shipping based on their membership but still charging them “shipping” on shirts that’s quite a sweet deal for you folks. The change has stopped my purchases completely. When you folks killed wine woot, shirt woot was the only other reason I came to the site. This pricing structure has taken that away. I pop in now to admire the fun designs, understanding that I will not be purchasing a single one of them. Perhaps if you guys figure out a better pricing structure I will go back to purchasing them instead of just window shopping.


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Not a fan of the "free prime shipping" that is really "we bundled shipping into the shirt price". Used to order 3 or 4 shirts at a time. No more. Did you guys do an analysis of the number of shirts ordered prior to this change per order and from now?