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byronicman2 wrote:I have the following available for trade in MXL (all unworn).

Pip-squeak TRADED
They See Me Rollin'
Iron or Gold
Ugly Holiday Sweater 2011 (may have been washed once)
Escape from the Cold (I like this one, but I'm open to trades.)

Looking for MXL.

Sent you a PM!


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[Also posted in other thread]
I've got 2 WL (Anvil) shirts to trade, unwashed/unworn:

Can take AA WXL, Anvil WM or WL, or Anvil/AA MM. I'm interested in general nerdy/geeky shirts or cute non-cat ones. Also interested in M2XL - general nerdy, gaming, or meat related ones.

I also received 2 Kitchen Warfare aprons, and really only want one... - Trade pending
I'd love to have a Bake It So! apron, but I'm open to others, too. PM me if interested in anything!


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I have The Binge Hoodie up for trade, any science related hoodie would be awesome! The Binge hoodie is unwashed/unworn. I also have a The Filthy Hippies up for trade as well.
Both are men's medium.


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lilthne wrote:Got the Binge zip-up hoodie in Small

Would like to trade it for another zip-up hoodie in small, preferably:
Unstealthiest Ninja
Eats Shoots and Leaves
Or something else on a black/grey blank

Also have leftover from previous randoms (unwashed, unworn):
AA WS Reading Rocketship

AA WS The Binge

Anvil WM Over-encumbered

The t-shirts I would love to trade for other AA WS/WM or Anvil WS shirts, or the following totes:
Shakespeare A to Z
Masque of the Red Death
13th Gloom Street
Or just try me on other totes

I sent you a PM.


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elfgurl wrote:

WXL tank top (Anvil) - will trade this for another tank top or the right regular T-shirt - Release the Cuddlin':

Can anyone tell me how to find the sizing chart for the tank tops? I am super interested, but need to know if mah fat belly will be hanging out the bottom.


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Nidaba wrote:Can anyone tell me how to find the sizing chart for the tank tops? I am super interested, but need to know if mah fat belly will be hanging out the bottom.

Here you go!


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i have the following brand new woot shirts available for just $9 each including shipping:

Thin Red Lines
Green Exclamation Print (bottom center)
A Head of Its Time

The Devil is in the Details

don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions...

so wootchawootchawootchawant?! you're so funny with the money that you flaunt...


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So, keep missing the sales! Looking for Settlers Cats Pullover hoodies in large or extra large and a Questionable Table of the Elements on a hoodie. Nervous that they will never return...


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I've got "Color Outside the Lines" in ML for trade:

Not looking for anything in particular; just something in Men's Large. Thanks!


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Got a Lightweight Hoodie Large in Chucknorium for trade. Willing to include a Chuck Norris Talking (but silent) plush doll with it. In exchange for a different Lightweight Hoodie in Large or Extra Large or maybe 2 Pullover sweaters in Large or XL or a Zipup in a Large. Will consider multiple item trades.

I have the other following items up on the block.
1 Bake it So! apron TRADED
1 L Chucknorium Lighweight Hoodie
1 XL Black Knight Coat of (No) Arms Pullover Sweater
1 MM (AA) 1985 BC
1 MM (AA) Player 2: A Love Story
1 MM (AA) They Beat The Same
1 ML (AA) Trapped
1 ML (AA) Elements of Life
1 ML (AA) Wrestling Taxonomy

Again will do multiple trade. Shirts for Sweaters and different combos etc.. Shirts I believe are all American Apparel (made in USA) and are unworn unwashed. Looking for Mens Large in AA if possible or sweater sizes above.



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Howdy all! I'm looking for a Fat Unicorn shirt in women's medium or large. I've got a friend I want to give this to as a present as I know it would totally make her day and she needs a little picking up of late.

If anyone has one they would be willing to sell or trade please let me know. Not sure what exactly I'd have useful to trade but I'm betting we can work something out. Worst case scenario I'll make up a Box of Crap and throw a Men's shirt woot shirt in there as well.


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rogue8402 wrote:Sent you a PM!

got it and replied! finally checked 'em

forever fighting the urge to buy something just because it is cheap and cool...wait, it's cheap and cool, let me click that big yellow button!


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I was a little slow with my button clicking this week, and failed to buy the 'In the Library With the Wrench Long-Sleeve Tee'. If anyone happened to order one in a medium that they're interested in parting with, PM me.


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Looking to trade these. PM me what you have if you're interested. Looking for MM or WS unwashed/unworn




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Hey all. Looking to trade a couple ML for either ML or MXL. I have Color Outside the Lines and Household Uses

No particular kind of shirt in mind and will listen to all offers.


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Hi, just arrived today in WM:

Stone Cold Dunkin'
Biking Viking

to trade.

Hit me with what you've got, but cute girls, penguins, pandas and tv show refs are preferable.


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lareign wrote:Hey all. Looking to trade a couple ML for either ML or MXL. I have Color Outside the Lines and Household Uses

No particular kind of shirt in mind and will listen to all offers.

PMed you.


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Looking for an Men's XL Unstealthiest Ninja II.

I can either trade some other shirts I've gotten (too many to list here), or maybe do your own little random shirt/crap package.


quality posts: 10 Private Messages lostnightsoul

I have the following for sale/trade:
ALL are mens large and have not been worn or washed.

Caffiene Power Up
Hobby Horse
Hugasaurus Rex
Illegal Operation
Looking Glass Garden
Pull Up, You Fools!
Reflections of Pie
Stereo Scope E
Swashbuckler Island
Swiss Cheese
The Cake Is A Liar
The Discovery of fire
The End Is The Beginning
The Mustache and His Loyal Sidekick
There Is No Escape
Underwater Forest
Wok Signal

There are a few shirts I'm looking for if anyone has.

Jabba the Fluff (XXXL)
Shadow Wolf (XXXL)- not sure if woot shirt
Mocking Bird (LARGE) - woot shirt

Please PM me, if interested.


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Anyone have a WS or WM Molten phoenix they would be willing to sell? I would like, sell my soul for that shirt.

And while I'm at it, I'd also like a Forever Toasty, Swept Away, and Just Dreams shirt, also in WS or WM.

PM me with how much you want. I'm willing to pay cash or buy a current shirt and trade.


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We'd like to trade our M2xl
"Coat of No Arms" Hoodie.

Willing to consider 3xl, 2xl ts, other hoodies in XL or 2xl OR? Like math/science, but open to offers.


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MXL for all shirts!

I have the following shirts for potential trade:

MXL-The Keepers of the Word 6/6/12

MXL-Overkill 6/5/12 {Sold}

MXL-1981 2/26/12

MXL-Elements of Life 2/4/12

MXL-The Road to My Heart is Paved with Ugly Cats 10/22/11 {Sold}

MXL-Jurassic Punk 9/1/11

MXL-Teacher Talks Funny 8/19/11


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My current trade shirts MXL

Marsupial in my Pocket


Cthulu BBQ

In ML I have

Honey Badger Cares


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I'm looking for "A Wise Investment?" shirt... available a couple of days ago, now sold out and unavailable.

Michelle Baldwin


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sedlie wrote:Up for trade, all unwashed/unworn:

Men's XL on Anvil

Men's XL on AA - debating keeping this one

And for sale from a Buccaneers of Caribbean
Women's Small on AA

any chance you are willing to sell any of these?


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got two shirts that I'm willing to trade or sell if anyone wants them

ML be my chum

MM star trails remix

both anvil ( I think, not made in usa)

Looking for ML or MM cute shirts


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How are you guys getting all these random shirts in the mail?? Is there something I need to sign up for?


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bunnybot wrote:How are you guys getting all these random shirts in the mail?? Is there something I need to sign up for?

Every once in a while (usually about once a month), Woot has a random shirt sale. People typically buy three so that we have a good chance of getting something we want for a really good price!

This last time, Woot had a Random Everything sale - hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, totes, aprons, etc.

All you have to do is buy them when they come up for sale next time! And if you get something you don't really like, you can post it in this thread and try to trade with somebody else!

My shirts available on Teetrade and WootStalker!


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I would dearly love to trade my XL zip-up hoodie, Lost in Transition:

For an XL Woot! Hoodie:

Can anyone help me out?


quality posts: 49 Private Messages baybei

Figured I'd repost as I had a random that needed to be replaced. As I don't want it, figured I'd add it with a reminder of what I still have available.

Long-sleeve MXL AA (I like it, but I'm not in love with it, willing to trade for the right shirt) (Have two, willing to trade or sell the second, got because I ordered two separate orders when I had enough money to buy another shirt)

Short-Sleeve Tees, MXL (Anvil, I like it, but don't love it) (Anvil, it's ok, but not my favorite) (American Apparel, from a previous random, definitely not my thing) (Anvil, I like it, but would be willing to trade for the right shirt, previous random) (Anvil, from a previous random)

Kids Shirts (Previous random, size K12) (Previous Random, size K10)

I'm hoping to find someone with In MXL or MXXL to trade with one of the above shirts, I just love this shirt and have to have it! I would even buy it if necessary!!!

I like cat shirts (I already own a few, lol, but want more like Epic Hairball), foxes, gaming references, cute, funny, geeky or nerdy for the most part. I try to avoid skulls and scary stuff, I'd creep myself out too much wearing them. Feel free to offer anyway, you'll never know what I like.


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I have the following up for trade. All ML, unwashed, unworn; all Made In the USA according to the tags (The first four have the Woot ! tag with the "Not For Use as Pants" on them, the last has an AA tag).



Taking the Bus

Killer Penguin

Secret Love

Willing to trade for other ML - I tend to like most Ramyb and other similar shirts, as well as really colorful ones like Darkness Evermore, Astronomical Alignment, and Astral Ark, but am accepting any offer. Also accepting $9 via Paypal and will provide shipping.

If you have a non-T-Shirt and want to work out a trade, we can figure things out. I'm a fan of posters and long sleeve shirts.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages aroberts42

So I just got back from China and was so upset when I opened my new stack of Woot shirts and they are all the new Anvil sizes. So the following shirts are all Anvil Women's XL. I will trade any of them for Women's M or I will sell them for 10$ each +shipping. All are unworn and unwashed.

Alas, Haters


A Most Civilized Game


quality posts: 3 Private Messages ellegee

I have the shirts below up for trade, open to any suggestions but I'd really like:
It Came Out of Nowhere ML
Free To Go WL Anvil or ML
Trivial Matters WL Anvil or ML

There are a couple of current reckoning shirts I'd like also if you want to trade that way.

M2X Anvil F This

ML Anvil Lucky At Last

ML AA Housewarming Gifts

ML AA A Superbotanical Study


quality posts: 5 Private Messages geminitriplets

Just testing the trade waters for the first time... I have 3 K10 shirts (all Anvil) that I would trade for K10 or M2XL. I have Inconceivable, Graiiiinss, and Over-Encumbered. If you like any of these, let me know what you have to trade.


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I will trade or pay for "When I grow up" preferably in WS but I'll take up to a WL!!

Looking to trade for WxS to WM. Please PM me if you're interested in anything!
I have for grabs:
3 i-insect robotic bug arenas:

ML t-shirt: Ninja Blade

WL t-shirt: Lucky Pig

WM Long Sleeve: Nevermore


WM tshirt: You Can't Catch Me

WS: Velociraptor With a Ray Gun

Proudly tracking via


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mukimuki wrote:Here is my most recent listing of shirts I have to trade or sell.

All new, all AA, in WM, WS, or MM.
I'll trade any size I have for a WS, WM, (or MS in the right shirt) as long as they are AA.

I'd rather a trade, but there aren't many people trading in my size and Anvil shirts don't fit me well so my trading days are limited. (Though I'm still buying the randoms while they're on AA! >_< ) So, if you'd like to buy, I'd sell them at the price of the shirt, tax, and shipping to you (which is about $10 total).

The Binge

Spelling Bee<-I like this shirt, but I'd be willing to trade it for something I like even more.

Reading Rocket Ship
Ghost Writer
Using Your Melon
Egg Nog Drinking Team
Other Uses for Candy Corn

Need More Land
If a tree falls in the woods

Haunted Housework (MM)

Please forgive me if I take a day or two to respond. Thanks!
Saving the World, One Small Step at a Time If anyone has this in a WS or WM, I would be thrilled to trade or buy.

PM sent

Proudly tracking via


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Hi Woot Community! I am here to try to peddle some lonely Woot shirts that need a home.

I have:

Lapwing Sunset (WL- AA)

Poe-etic (WM- AA)

Behold! (WM- AA)

I'd be interested in shirts from WM to possible WXL in AA ONLY. I'd also entertain offers for things other than shirts or simply selling them. Just shoot me a PM and I'd love to work something out.



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goldenangel23 wrote:I got this too... It's Decomposition. (I'm too lazy to post a link right now...)

There you go


quality posts: 2 Private Messages chiobio

Ok, guys and gals, I have the following available...

American Apparel WL

Anvil WS:

Anvil WL



All Unwashed and unworn.

I also have this one in AA WL, but I wore it once (it has been washed, of course).

All available for sale or trade, make your offers via PM (I wear AA WL, Anvil WS, or K12).


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I am looking for a specific shirt that my husband wants pretty badly. I would love unwashed and unworn if possible! I am looking for:

Star Powered in Mens Large:

I just started buying shirts so I don't have anything to trade but I would love to buy it from someone!