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Re: Energizing Bunnies

hey, can I buy one?


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Re: Energizing Bunnies

@litblueeyes - Glad to be of service.

@jones21403 - It's alright, and the BLA is a great honour anyway!

@Aelia - Lend me your support when the do-over derby rolls around.

@yodboy - Thanks for the kind words.

@gogovsh - I'm afraid it didn't place in the top three and so won't be printed. Don't lose hope though - I was lucky enough to receive an honourable mention from woot, which means this design will be in the next do-over derby.

Thanks for the support and the top ten finish everyone. I hope you remember the coffee bunnies when they return for the do-over!

(Unofficial) Derby Rules (outdated?)
Designing for the Derby (definitely outdated)
Tips for New Designers (always useful)


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Criminal removal!

I can guarantee half of the bio dept at my university will buy it!


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Re: Energy Rush

I love this shirt design!!!!!!


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lanpartyz wrote:I would love to get this psd file so I could modify it up for a large back piece tattoo. I'd change it up a bit for more detail as a tattoo but this would give me a good start. any chance you can hook me up? I sent you a pm with my email address....


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Re: Renewable Energy

Come on!
Un-Reject this one!
Up-Woot the wascally over-sensitive contwoll fweek from their reject-buttoned throne, and let us be the judges of what's too bad to buy. As for the sickko who created this... this design is just wrong! You seriously are in need of help! But please remain untreated long enough to resubmit this shirt! (I'd add a pile of little Energizer drums, a 'GO GREEN' sticker... and label the furnace 'Bunny Burner 2000'!)

I agree that bunnies are cute, and I really love them...
Especially when they're seasoned just right.


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badTchap wrote:CMYK palette + lime green on a black tee. Totally Rad.

where can I buy this?


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Re: Things are tough all over


I love's hilarious and amazing.

Seriously. Love this.


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:] idk, felt like it, nice shirts though.


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Re: Things are tough all over

I hate to be Skippy Squirrel-ish, but this shirt is awesome and I'd love to support the artist by buying one. *looking for purchase link*