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rogerrogerroger's unicorn shirt received an Honorable Mention, so it'll be back for a second chance in the double-take derby in a few weeks.

Keep an eye out and vote for it!


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I Am Legend?


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I was inspired by your shirt and created a cupcake scene! Check it out at www.facebook.com/breadnbatter


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Wore this to a cake decorating class I was teaching to middle schoolers at a gifted school, and as soon as they came in at least half of them pointed and began shouting, "SHIRTWOOT! SHIRTWOOT!"

Rest assured that your future dominance is already well established.


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Bah, found out about this shirt too late. If anyone has a 3X, I'd love to buy it.


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Have I missed the deadline to buy this shirt? Oh I wanted one so badly!! had to wait till I got paid, BRING IT BACK!!!


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I know it's gone but I came across this real life version of this shirt and wanted to share - kudos to Death by Cupcake for their recreation.


"I found a really cool t-shirt titled "the last cupcake standing". I knew I had to create it."

Visit archshrk.com. You know you want to.


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Is there anyway this shirt will be back for sale? I love it so much!


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If you LOVE this shirt.. OCH! MISTLETOE FRENCHING? GROSS! check out these for real cupcakes!! :D



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You want to know something awesome? I found this shirt and the Cold Sneeze one for $2 a piece at Goodwill, and they were in brand new condition. Now I know which size fits me, and because it still had the tags I know where to get more!


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I need this to come back on a apron again.