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We asked artists across the internet to detail the expanse of online culture in styles reminiscent of famous works of art. And they did just that. Here are the Honorable Mentions!

cretaceous thinker

cretaceous thinker

by rasabi

He's not nearly as intimidating when you realize he's the size of a large chicken.

Son of Lolcat

Son of Lolcat

by darthapo

If I was an art thief I'd hire a bunch of accomplices to dress in bowler hats and suits and carry briefcases full of this shirt.



by omarfeliciano

But was there anything so soothing as the sound of your modem connecting?

Dial Up

Dial Up

by kevlar51

Faster than a locomotive listening several wheels!



by thevikingartist

They didn't have spell check in those days.



by ste7enl

The prophet can haz.



by radiomode

Nothin' sells like a swoop on the left side!

The Creation of Nerd

The Creation of Nerd

by harzack

And he saw that it was kind of nerdy.

bitmap rise

bitmap rise

by kharmazero

But can you do it in MSPaint?

Across the Starry Night: A study in nude

Across the Starry Night: A study in nude

by ramyb

Out of roughly 5 million variations of "Starry Night," this was one of them.


You'll see these designs again when the next Double-Take rolls around. Until then, check out the current Derby and vote for your faves! Remember, only YOU can decide First Place!


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Thanks Woot!


quality posts: 48 Private Messages omarfeliciano

Yeeeeeh! Thanks Woot!

BTW, Cool concept Kevlar, I wish I thought of something similar ;)


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Some awesome shirts in that bunch. Hope I see them come up in the next redux derby! ^_^


quality posts: 171 Private Messages neuropsychosocial

Yay for the reference to The Thomas Crown Affair! One of my favorite sequences in a movie ever, if not my very absolute favorite, in part of the flawless coordination of Nina Simone's Sinnerman with the cinematography. (Warning: movie clip completely spoils the ending of the movie; Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" only spoils your ears.)

Congratulations to all the artists on their HMs! Have we received any clarification on how the next double-take Derby is going to work? I suppose the new rules could apply just as easily as they do to a regular Derby, but it doesn't feel like a natural fit, IMHO...

RIP A.A. Blanks (Obituary)


quality posts: 47 Private Messages rasabi

Thanks, woot! I am of the opinion that the world is in dire need of more contemplative dinosaurs.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages kharmazero

thanks Woot team for the HM and congrats to fellow designers