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Donna Battle

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ThunderThighs wrote:Sorry for the problems. You can email for assitance. It helps if you can send them a link to a photograph. Don't attach the photo to the email. Our CS servers barf on that. Upload the photo somewhere (e.g., and then add the link to the photo to your email.

Okie dokie, I'll do it when I get home tonight. Thanks for the response!


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Donna Battle wrote:I wore my 56K shirt for the first time today, and the print is slightly off-center - not a lot but enough to really get under my skin. *sad panda face*

Anyone else experience this?

This happened with my 56k shirt as well. After I received the shirt last Friday, I sent Customer Service an email with a picture showing the issue. They sent a replacement, which arrived just today. Unfortunately, it was identical to the first one, with the same errors.

Just out of curiosity, does yours have the lower brown part of the large "A" shifted up too far, or a little chunk missing out of the "F" in "future"?