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"Despite the falsity of these claims the news media promoted the story continuously throughout the 1980s, with local news stations featuring frequent coverage. During this time cases of poisoning were repeatedly reported based on unsubstantiated claims or before a full investigation could be completed and often never followed up on. This one sided coverage contributed to the overall panic and caused rival media outlets to issue reports of candy tampering as well."

Still, I find the shirt disturbing and wouldn't buy it. But I'm sure it's not the first disturbing shirt ever created.


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dirtdirt wrote:Wow! This is my design. Uh, I'm not a sicko. I'm a shlubby civil servant. I have kids.

When I was a kid the specter of poisoned or otherwise tampered candy was by far the scariest thing about Halloween - I remember the local hospital would x-ray bags of candy, for free. I always found that idea horrifying, and compelling. This shirt is about that fear, and is, to me, funny.

On the streets this year you'll see a million kids dressed as vampires, zombies, ghosts, ninjas, and other monsters that don't (or barely exist). Put this shirt in with that group - scary, but exceedingly unlikely.

I liked the shirt design. I got one. When I read the comments I was surprised how much it bothered people. I told my family that it is a morbidly funny shirt about an overblown fear so I totally got that humor.

I just have to say it bothers me when people think that things like this are what cause people to do insane things. I'm sure anyone out there evil enough to do something like this doesn't need a shirt to give them the idea.

The people that think that are the same types of people that probably blame music/movies/games for people who go out and commit crimes also.

What ever happened to personal responsibility. I'm sick of everyone always trying to blame everyone else for things that happen. Some people are just disturbed. Unfortunately, that's life.

I feel bad for the artist. I like the shirt like I said and am glad I got one. It will be a unique shirt to have.


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Yeah it's a funny shirt, reading the description made me laugh because it fit my degraded neighborhood, the kids do have an ugly dog, sweet but in contest with a mud fence, She'd win every time. And since numerous things have been stolen off my porch, I just don't give out candy. But thinking about giving out candy like this in a Fantsy/Horror film kinda way...


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wharper wrote:$20 says someone will be detained for wearing this at an airport checkpoint, within 30 days.

A follow up to my acceptance of the challenge:

Bought the shirt (everyone at work appreciated it, a lot less negativity there than on the comments here!!!) and in early November my wife & I went to Vegas for our anniversary. I took this shirt and wore it to McCarran airport (on the way back, of course, if I'm getting detained it's gonna be after my vacation) expressly for security. Made it through the X-ray and body scan without incident, but on my way out of the body scan the tech notices and says, "Hold on a second!!!" He then came over and ran his fingers over the jigsaw blade images, then sends me on my way... So, I guess I was detained, but only for about 3 seconds!!!

Wharper, I owe you $20!!!


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It's really too bad this is OOP since there is a special ink sale going on; the sale reminding me of this awesome design and the amusing comment thread. So many mother hubbards out there crying "bad taste" and "ohhhhh the children, THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!"
This was a classic halloween design and I am glad to have gotten the tote. I can attest that I used it for trick-or-treat candy and no one ran from my house in fear. I did, however, receive some compliments for it=)


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So sad this is out of print. A friend got the tote version a few years back and I LOVE it, but hesitated on buying one and then...too late. Ugh!!! I want this as a tote!! PLLEEEEAAAASSEEEEEEEEE bring it back????