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ThunderThighs wrote:Check it out:

Woot's goes Mobile! (Finally)

This is great, since I mostly access via my iPhone and the app doesn't have all of the Woot divisions. However, I still haven't found the way to get here easily from my phone.


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hurlingturtles wrote:I don't find this t-shirt funny. Three years ago I stepped on a Lego. After years of physical therapy, I was finally able to walk without crutches this week. Save your feet, lose the Legos!

sounds like a personal issue, lighten up. for those of us who have found a lego in our path way, and made it through w/o much more and some pain and a whole lot of cussing, this shirt is pretty funny.
Sorry you got that hurt, but maybe you should look on the lighter side of things.


quality posts: 72 Private Messages walmazan

This is so awesome and pointed!

Congrats Kevin!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages funkyjhillis

This shirt is awesome!

Tim Hawkins hits it on the money.


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Polishemt wrote:>mfw

sorry for being redundant.


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everlore wrote:This happened to me exactly once. Being an adult collector, I have learned to tread lightly.

You collect adults?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ravodine

why aren't legos made like that? they would stack so much nicer...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages zeromni

This is nothing compared to a d4.


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chicken0102 wrote: I actually didn't know what it was until about 13 years later when I met my now-hubby in college. Sad thing is I still don't know how to use one though.

I just checked that link and realized my kids have one and I had no idea what it was either.. Legos have so many odd things now I just figured it was some part needed for a space ship or a Lego version of those toddler push toys that go POP POP POP with the clear dome and the balls inside (yes, that was really what I thought). I used it as a large spoiler on my super monster-truck-tractor-chainsaw-with-house-windows-mobile.


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They should rename these things "Footo"...because they hurt the feet when you step on them...

...painful, isn't it? ;)


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zeromni wrote:This is nothing compared to a d4.

Oh god, caltrops.


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bluejester wrote:I swear, this is actually much duller than they feel if you happen to step on one.

Happy 500th Quality Post!


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kevlar51 wrote:Happy 500th Quality Post!

Thanks Kevlar! And congrats on the print to you.


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OUCH! That makes real Legos look like safety Legos. Great shirt.


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Try stepping on a 2x2 Duplo!!!


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Don't step on LEGO Stephen Hawking!

I Bet on Sky


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There's a special place in hell for the creator of clear legos...

oops, pardon me, i wooted


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