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You probably think you're pretty excited that almost every Shirt.Woot design is now back in print on our All Designs page. Well, let me tell you something: you're nowhere near as excited as we are. I'll need to buy a bunch of shirts just to replace the ones I've soaked with thrill-sweat these past few days.

And that disgusting prologue brings us to this: every day this week, the Woot writers will tell you, one by one, which of the 1700+ Shirt.Woot designs are our all-time favorites. We always take turns in descending order of handsomeness, so my picks are first...

Sure, there are a lot of bat t-shirts out there. But this is the only one I've ever seen that conveys the manic enthusiasm appropriate to the subject matter.

Fast Food
Is it a vegetarian statement? An attack on corporate frankenfood? A colorfully provocative, ambiguous, punkish design? Yes! No! Maybe! I don't know!

A Novel Idea
I'm a sucker for this stylized, mid-century illustration look. This is the kind of shirt that makes me wish I could draw.

Grilled Cheese
One of my favorite sandwiches drawn by one of my favorite artists. Fabric ink has never looked so delicious.

If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail
I bought this clever Bayeux tapestry parody the first time, but the print faded almost completely after, like, three washings. I GUESS I'll give these Shirt.Woot jokers another chance.

Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!
This streamlined tribute to Sputnik is so awesome, I bought it twice (and counting). Definitely my all-time Shirt.Woot favorite. Maybe my favorite t-shirt by anyone ever.

Dude no WAY! Your favorite shirts are WAY better than mine, right? Prove it in the forums below. And come back tomorrow for more favorites by another, less attractive Woot writer!

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For readers confused as I was, here are the links to the buyable versions of Bats, Fast Food and A Novel Idea.


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Thank you for not putting up the rare one time only shirts. It makes me smile knowing I have only one of a few Big ol' Cornucopia shirts :D. I think the Christmas sweater shirts should have been one time only as well.

Half the fun of Woot Shirts is knowing that you have a great design by a great artist while supporting both them and a great company.

The other half of the fun was knowing that you had a limited edition shirt (as in, it's sold one day, when it's gone, its gone). Now that they are all available, I've got no real reason to think too hard each day on making a decision if I want to buy it or not. I gave myself 5 seconds to look at them each morning. If they immediately spoke to me, I bought one. If I had to think about it past that, I passed on it.

I guess at least now I can go back and get shirts as gifts for friends/family that loved my latest Woot shirt.


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sthgrau wrote:For readers confused as I was, here are the links to the buyable versions

Wow, thank you! I've fixed the links up top. Probably we were so excited about the shirts we forgot to proof the links.

can't make a living as a bay man any more


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I've always kinda liked that Sputnik shirt. Maybe I should get it...

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