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Do you want to know what's going on with The Reckoning but are too lazy to click on the grueling series of links that lead there? We've got the solution for you: A Reckoning Recon! Would you like us to spoon feed you some lunch slurry while we're at it? Oh, you would?

By the way, you may have noticed some changes to The Reckoning. Now that we're offering a full catalog of past shirts, being "Reckoned" doesn't have the same doomsday implications it used to. However, shirts in the Top 20 will cost a bit less, so there are still HUNDREDS OF CENTS at stake.

The Top 20:

  1. Procrastination University
  2. Owlgebra
  3. Shoot First
  4. Consider Yourself Warned
  5. After the Party
  6. Indubiously
  7. Wishful Thinking
  8. Downtime
  9. Forty-Two U.
  10. Unstealthiest Ninja 3
  11. The One Shirt
  12. Headless Horseman
  13. The Formula For Success
  14. The Cat in the Box
  15. Nevermore
  16. Brute Squad Science
  17. Know Your Moons
  18. The Binge
  19. Greetings from the Internet
  20. Shy Pocket Monster

And here are the shirts doomed for slightly-more-expensivity, if naught is done:

  1. Much you have to learn
  2. Falling Dreams
  3. Cluevetica
  4. Kraken Bathtime
  5. It Rose From The Gravy
  6. Battle of the GODS!
  7. Pandora's Box


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just a thought some of the great sellers would look great on mugs! (c:


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Oh how excited I was about the past shirts being available. Oh how depressed I was to find out that my most desired shirt "Run Away, Run Away!" would not be available. Why must you torment me so . . . . The Rabbit Lady.

P.S. Is there ever going to be any chance at all that it will be released again? I know, glow in the dark print. Come on, buck up Woot! Make with the glow in the dark bunny! The Rabid Lady.