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To celebrate almost every Shirt.Woot design coming back into print on our All Designs page, the Woot writers are spending this week telling you which of the 1700+ Shirt.Woot designs are our all-time favorites. Today, Scott Lydon, a true enthusiast who wears a shirt nearly every day…

Not many poems could be made into their titular character. Also this is one of my all time favorite write-ups.

Cassette Taps
A little hipster? Sure! But it'll look more original than wearing some band's t-shirt to your local record fair.

Moloko Plus
I got this for free after winning a staff contest, and it's still one of my most prized pieces of clothing. Something about that blast of orange. Refreshing, isn't it?

Disapproving Narwhal
True story: this shirt got me into a relationship that ended up moving me across the country. This narwhal does not approve of you ignaring it today.

Ah, another young heart pierced by the narwhal's toothy spike of love. Come back tomorrow for another Woot writer's favorite designs from the Shirt.Woot catalog.


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Great selection Scott! Nevermore is one of my favs. Cassette Taps and Moloko Plus are cool designs. I will not ignore the narwhal.

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