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Now that almost every Shirt.Woot design is now available again on our All Designs page, the Woot writers can finally offer you our all-time favorites to collect and wear. Today we hear from noted t-shirt connoisseur, bon vivant, and enfant terrible Randy Cleveland…

I like jellyfish. I like blue. There ya go.

This one has nice colors. That's a plus as far as t-shirts go.

Portrait of the Walrus as a Young Man
More shirts should have walruses in framed portraits.

Human Testing
Anything that encourages reckless genetic alteration is A-okay in my book.

This has been another lesson in how to dress like a Woot writer. Note: we cannot guarantee that you will replicate our irresistible appeal to admirers of all genders. Come back tomorrow to see the faves of not one but TWO Woot writers!


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I was so excited about the "All Woot Shirts" (almost) until I found out that the shirt that I would darned near kill for is one of the (almost). I want some of the Cotton Armor shirts so badly!!!! :-(


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Great idea. Bought the top 2 ones I've been wanting for a very long time - I'm Gonna Let Let It Shine and Angry Day.

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