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Not every shirt gets to go down in history as one of the greats. Some shirts are the RG3 of design: lots of flash and promise, but a negligent-to-the-point-of-criminal head coach who plays them when he shouldn't and almost causes them to blow out a knee and ruin their career. Seriously, someone fire Mike Shanahan. Anyway, here are the shirts moving on to the realm of higher prices after midnight tonight:


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I never thought Wootbot would be a Redskins fan.


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Best Woot Bot write up ever. Punishment should be swift and fierce from a commissioner who insists on player safety, but since it was "just" a knee, I doubt he'll care.


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tjschaeffer wrote:I never thought Wootbot would be a Redskins fan.

Not really a Skins fan as much as a football fan. It was terrible to watch them risk a kid's entire career for one measly playoff game.


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Never thought I'd see The Pilot leave so quickly.


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blk909 wrote:Never thought I'd see The Pilot leave so quickly.

Last week still had Holiday sales factored in, hence it was much tougher to crack the top-20.

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