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With Strange Aeons

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quality posts: 70 Private Messages collinvh

I really think this shirt would make HP Lovecraft
proud! Way to go Drakxxx & CrescentDebris!


quality posts: 261 Private Messages dacrete

Even the fish in the fish bowl is creepy. Good job


quality posts: 848 Private Messages lordbowen

Super design, super details, and super scary!


quality posts: 48 Private Messages omarfeliciano

Excellent design guys!

I was missing a Drakxxx & CrescentDebris!


quality posts: 260 Private Messages thumperchick

What a fantastic return to shirt.woot by Drakxxx & CrescentDebris!


quality posts: 683 Private Messages lonelypond

Yeah! Glad to see this. Somehow when a shirt I've been rooting for sneaks into the 'chump' slot, it cheers me up more than the 'champ' slot. Maybe it's the two days of waiting. Or an elitist streak.

Love all the details Drakxxx and Crescent Debris put into their art. Even when it's creeptastic detail (yes, I mean you, fish).


quality posts: 1 Private Messages OutlawV

This is one of the best designs I've seen in a long while, and I want it, but I have no love for navy...


quality posts: 13 Private Messages CrescentDebris

Our first win in two years? Yes. Yes it is. And yet, there are people who still remember us, support us, or even miss us. Awww, we love you too. Don't worry, we'll be back in Dec 2015! Seriously though, thank you.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages abacinator

Why isn't it black?


quality posts: 60 Private Messages bluetuba

You guys beat kawaiithulu by 6 votes, which is actually alot these days, haaaaarrrr...

Always nice to see your entries.

"You can't just dress a Minion like Spock, and add a caption that says "Logical Me". There's a prison for people like that. Below my house."


quality posts: 16 Private Messages Drakxxx

Thank you for the support shirt wooters Have a fantastic new year!


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quality posts: 306 Private Messages Spiritgreen

Congrats sirs! So glad this made it.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages cognitus

At first glance this design looks awesome. But then I noticed how out of proportion the guys arms and legs are. He's got little disfigured tyrannosaurus arms, and his legs way too long.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages TheGolux

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