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Kaiju Fight Club

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What's the worst that could happen?


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Wow. So far, it looks like almost everybody is obeying the write up. You're a rebel, lordbowen!


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Reminds me of the movie Collossal. Nice design!

BUY! >>


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I'd love to buy this hoodie...but then the I'd just have a green sweater as my bookbag would ALWAYS cover the design.


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There's a cool show called Kaiju big battel, they tour the country doing wrestling shows. I went the last time they were in NY. Wrestlers in elaborate monster costumes fighting in a wrestling ring. Fighto!



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Garbage...just received mine and the printed image is placed way too low-
very close to the bottom :^(
...Printing mistake WAS made and new replacement shirt being sent- Happy again!


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scumonkey wrote:Garbage...just received mine and the printed image is placed way too low-
very close to the bottom :^(

Mistakes happen. If you haven't done so yet, contact Customer Support with the issue. Upload a pic (to imgur or another photo sharing site) and include the link.

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