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In Case of Stress

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quality posts: 5 Private Messages zuberman

Great shirt! Except that wearing it leads to you getting punched in the chest.

Live from Shanghai


quality posts: 0 Private Messages kc000034008

Except that I'd relieve more stress by breaking the glass than playing with the silly toy inside...


quality posts: 150 Private Messages Inatangle

Gidget & Bridget spin a fidget widget with a midget!

(Any shirt or toy that inspires a poetic tongue twister can't be all that bad... :P)


quality posts: 229 Private Messages acraigl

I swore it was the flux capacitor when I first saw the thumbnail. I wish I could back in time and prevent spinners from happening.

Congrats on the print!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages omkensey76

Just don't break the glass with compressed air. Compressed air and fidget spinners DO NOT MIX.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages krisren28

Thanks guys and thanks for the print woot woot! =)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages hollywood877

Soooooooo no tank top?


quality posts: 1036 Private Messages ThunderThighs


hollywood877 wrote:Soooooooo no tank top?

Sorry, special items like totes and tanks are available on the daily sale only.

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