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I recently purchased the Halloween Clubhouse T-shirt created by Spiritgreen. I ordered it on the night of the 2nd.

It had shipped, and, it arrived to me on Friday (the 6th). I wasn't home at the time when it arrived, & there was a note left that the package would be left at a UPS Access Point location the next business day. Due to the fact I am unable to drive, I called UPS on Sat. and requested the package be sent to my home address again instead.

Everything was set, and I double-checked by calling UPS on Monday morning to make sure the package would be coming to my address instead. The person I spoke with told me "Yes".

So, the day went on, and I was waiting for my package to arrive. At about 2PM, I just for the heck of it checked on the status, and it said that the customer requested package be sent to the Access Point to be picked up there. I was like, "What the...?!?" So I called UPS back & explained everything. The lady I spoke with told me I could have the package sent to my home address again, but there would be a charge. When I asked "A charge?" my Mom got on the phone and explained I am unable to drive, and that this was UPS's fault, and why should I have to pay an extra charge to have it delivered here, etc.

Well, to make a long story short, the lady from UPS spoke with her supervisor, and when she got back on the phone w/me, she said I would not have to pay the charge, and she double-checked my address with me, etc., and it would be sent to my home.

My shirt arrived earlier this evening!! YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!

So, all's well that ends well, & I <3 my new shirt. ^_^ ^_^

BTW, when I first called to make the delivery change, it had said it was in progress, but it was never completed. The second time (when I called yesterday), it was.


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Whew. I'm glad you received the shirt!

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ThunderThighs wrote:Whew. I'm glad you received the shirt!

So am I--I had told my Mom if UPS goofed up again, I would have thrown a fit. My Mom told me "I wouldn't blame you".