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Kitty Litterature

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Great titles


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more cat tales at
There are dog tales and dragon tales on that site as well.


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CATegorically terrific!


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Congrats on your first print, MrBignell! Starting with cats and books -- I think you'll fit in nicely here.



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Thank you for the kind words, and CATchy puns ;) It's good to finally make it to the big leagues.

I'm going to give away some freebies to celebrate! Check out BignellArt if you'd like to enter to win one (and browse my other nerdy designs, of course).

EEK! I'm so excited!


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The Scarlet Litter?  No, no, no!  I don't want to see red in the litterbox!  :s


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(I accept blame for not posting the official logo earlier.)

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Narfcake wrote:

(I accept blame for not posting the official logo earlier.)

Oh... there you are Narfcake. I was wondering if you got waylaid by the Woot monkeys or something...