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I am rather upset with increase in shirt prices. I have been a loyal customer since 2004 and have purchased an untold amount of shirts. I understand a need for price increases to stay competitive and for profit but I am disappointed with such an increase in price. When I do buy shirts, it is usually a dozen or more. I am less inclined to buy as many shirts in the future because of the increased price. Is there anything that can be done for large orders in regards to a bulk discount?


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Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. We take all feedback seriously and are always looking for ways to balance the need of the business with that of our customers.

Here's more information on the prices:

Price & Blank changes

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What I don't like is that when the shirts were $8 and I paid $5 flat rate shipping it would generally encourage me to purchase more than 1 shirt, since I could save on cost. So while, yes, an $8 tee plus $5 shipping is $13, and $15 isn't that much, 2 shirts used to be $16+$5, so $21, instead of $30. So....probably will be looking elsewhere for shirts. I get it, prices change, but its a bummer because shirt.woot used to be my go to for fun shirts.


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I agree with you. This price increase really does hurt the "Bulk Buyers". The flat rate shipping really was key to getting a great deal on the order. I know it doesn't cost that much more to ship 10 shirts than it does to ship 2.


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throwing7 wrote:I agree with you. This price increase really does hurt the "Bulk Buyers". The flat rate shipping really was key to getting a great deal on the order. I know it doesn't cost that much more to ship 10 shirts than it does to ship 2.

In the interim, shirt.woot has a promo of 10% off when buying 2 or more. Read more about it here:

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I too am disappointed in the cost increase. I've maybe order less than 10 shirts but my BF has purchased quite a few. I recently had ~5 shirts in the cart and ended up ordering none. Just too much for a t-shirt. My 2 cents.



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I agree. This was quite a large increase and it also seems they have done away with the random shirt sales. I have purchased over 100 of these shirts since they began producing them and they are all my husband will wear as far as shirts are concerned, so he may have to get used to what he currently has....


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$19 for a reprint of an older design?

That is just INSANE!

I have been a member of work forever and watched as it slowly became more commercial and as the overall prices have risen and the deals have become more scattered.

Woot Shirts were the last vestige of a decent deal and now even they are gone… It’s really sad to watch the site slowly implode.


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I also in the previous years have spent a ton of money on woot shirts, no more, baking in the price of shipping isn't going to work with the old on shirt woot for years. Not paying 15-20 but a shirt delivered, the $5 per order as opposed to per shirt caused me to buy more, this is what happens when bought out by amazon, good-bye Shirt Woot, so sad


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Yeah, you will have to bring the prices back down or I'm done. No way in hell I am going to pay $15 a shirt, or $19 for reprints. I've bought hundreds of shirts from you, and I've been a customer since 2009. Unless you go back to your old price model, or something very close to it, I've purchased my last woot shirt.


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Maybe the price increase would go over better if the shirts were incorporated into the outrageously overpriced gourmet site and renamed "artisanalshirt.woot. $15-19 is pure insanity.


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I'd pay more for screen printing. The DTGs don't look as good, last as long, or wash as well.

I was curious so I looked at my account. I have purchased 189 Woot shirts. But none since December of last year. Combination of print quality, price increase, and the lack of new design themes/motifs has made me less eager to buy.