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quality posts: 2 Private Messages caityjean

YAAAAA! Great job, Mr!! :D


quality posts: 20 Private Messages mcobutte

In my life no mom jokes,when she said something she wasn't joking.


quality posts: 21 Private Messages MrBignell

Holy Father it won! (I thought I'd pop a Christian Dad Joke for Good Friday)

Thanks for all the votes and support on this design!! Nothing unites us like Dad jokes I don't know that I'll be able to sleep now I'm so excited.

And have an awesome Easter everyone!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages ilta
MrBignell wrote:I'm so excited.

Hi, So Excited. I’m Dad.


quality posts: 21 Private Messages MrBignell
ilta wrote:Hi, So Excited. I’m Dad.

Haha! Got me


quality posts: 234 Private Messages acraigl

Congrats! Funny and clever design.

I got hit in the head with a can of Diet Coke the other day. Don't worry, I wasn't hurt.
It was a soft drink


quality posts: 14 Private Messages thatquietgir1

Congrats! I dig the style and the wit


quality posts: 6 Private Messages matwest

Holy shirt....the realitee is that I don't have anywhere to put this...I have hangar management issues. How is the qualitee of these? I bought one with velcro last week and it was a rip-off.

-Why would I need a signature?


quality posts: 17 Private Messages poopycakes

MrB, your dad jokes are so punny and I do appreciate them very much

congrats on an awesome 1st place


quality posts: 61 Private Messages fishbiscuit5

Congrats on your first Derby win! well deserved.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages jasneko

Congrats on first place MrBignell!!! Even if your daughter didn't get it, I'm sure she'll be happy you won!
(And one day, she'll get it and groan hehe.). Very clever and well done!


quality posts: 307 Private Messages Spiritgreen

Hey congrats on your first derby win MrB. And it's the best kind! (and selling well)


quality posts: 234 Private Messages acraigl
Spiritgreen wrote:Hey congrats on your first derby win MrB. And it's the best kind! (and selling well)

Best seller in a while, I'd wager. Nice!


quality posts: 24 Private Messages simic

For a while, I have suspected that MrBignell isn't a real person, but some kind of a sentient program that spawned into existence from woot's shirt catalog. He's too good!


quality posts: 54 Private Messages kevlar51

Congrats on the print--it's a great design!


quality posts: 397 Private Messages Narfcake

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Congrats on first place, Mr.B!

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