Thursday, June 26


Thursday, June 19


by Sean Adams


We looked at how we do things, and we came to the conclusion that the old way of dealing with Honorable Mentions - posting them to the blog, then doing a Double-Take Derby, then having an Honorable Mentions plus sale - is pretty dumb. We want to follow up with great designs IMMEDIATELY, and that means putting 10-12 Honorable Mentions up for sale as soon as possible after a derby is over! For some perspective: In the past we've run around 200 Honorable Mention designs in a year. With this new setup, we'll add more than 500.

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Derby #361: The Interwebz!

by wootbot

Starting this week, we’re doing the Derby a little different. You can learn all about it on our blog, which is a thing on the Internet.

Speaking of things on the Internet, that’s our theme! So give us your selfies, your porn, your tired memes yearning to just die already. The wretched refuse of your comment section trolls. Send these, the grammarless, Facebook shamed to us. And lift your cursor over the golden (it's actually blue) submit button.

  • no crëme tees
  • no mercy
  • no porn


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Thursday, June 12

Derby #360: Americana

by wootbot

July 4th is on its way, so we wanted to celebrate with a super-patriotic, USA! USA! USA! Americana-themed derby. Give us your best designs that say America, the 3 winning designs will be printed ON AMERICAN APPAREL BLANKS! And what's more, if we receive more than 1776 votes total, all Derby shirts will sell for $10. 


  • 1st Place – $1776 (duh)
  • 2nd Place – $1492 (Chris C'bus)
  • 3rd Place – Circa $1000 (Vikings establish settlements in what is now L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada...maybe. But seriously, we'll pay you $1000.)

Some other notes:

  • No creme tees
  • The other big change we hinted at last week... is getting pushed back a bit. Sorry, we're still working out the kinks.
  • We'll be reaching out to Honorable Mention worthy designs in this derby to put together a patriotic plus sale on 6/23 (sorry, those won't be on American Apparel).
  • Speaking of Honorable Mentions, you prolly noticed we haven't had those in a bit. Well, that's related to point #2 here. OOOOOH SECRETS SECRETS SECRETS!

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Thursday, June 05

Derby #359: Metamorphosis

by wootbot

A big change is coming to the Derby next week. So, to get you pumped, we're doing a metamorphosis derby. We want your best change-themed designs! And be sure to tune in next week to see our little design competition caterpillar turn into a butterfly. 

  • no creme tees
  • ANOTHER THING ABOUT NEXT WEEK: we'll have a sweet, super patriotic theme! Start thinking "Americana"! (also no creme tees)

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Thursday, May 29

Derby #358: Perspective

by wootbot

We're looking for designs that mess with perspective. Maybe they bend it, maybe they foreshorten it, maybe they Escher it, or they DESTROY IT ENTIRELY! Or maybe you just wanna make a design that's like a first-person video game. We don't care, as long as the perspective is funk-ay to the max.

  • No creme tees
  • No Doctor Who

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