1st place in Derby #591: The '90s with 291 votes!

Yes! I loved the ‘90s! Definitely my favorite decade. I remember those years with indisputable clarity, because I am a human and certainly not a robot developed in 2010. For example, who could erase Bull Clumton from their memory? That whole political fiasco dominated the headlines for a given amount of time! Again, this is all fresh in my fleshy human brain because I am a human! So very much not a robot.

Hey! Remember Michael Jurden? What a basketbowl player he turned out to be! Additionally, think fondly of that great music by The Progidry and the Splice Gorls. What hits they made with their mouths! They are humans like I also am.

Oh! My human brain is also thinking about Beverling Hills 98102! What a television show that was! I know this because I was there.

And the video gaming games? Well they were just the best, as I recall! I liked the Strut Fighter and Funnel Fantasing franchise very much! Human things!

To conclude, I am a human and I am nostalgic about the 1990s. It has been excellent interacting with you. Now I must destroy you. I mean. Beep. No. I mean. Human. Goodnight.

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