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Sure, you can ignore this design. But tomorrow it'll be replaced by another one just like it.

We always suspected pi is the most sinister of the special numbers. Here's why:

-It’s irrational (Or is it? (It is.))

-It’s not constructible with a compass and straightedge, so you can’t “square the circle,” and that’s very irritating.

-The sum of the first 144 digits of pi add up to 666. So, you know, that means something to someone, probably.

-It wears black most of the time.

-If you divide pi by 42, you’ll be sucked into a swirling maw of doom known to some as “The Sunshine State.”

-It contains no actual pastry. (The pi is a lie.)

-The only real way to defeat Baron Wolfgang von Strucker is to solve for r.

-If you sit inside a polygon surrounded by candles, the ghost of Archimedes manifests and kicks you in the shins.

-It’s left-handed.

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