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3rd Place in Derby #377: $25K Cup Round III: Art Styles, with 143 votes!

“Well, I’m ready to go out to meet some friends. I’ll just grab my coat from this closet and - whaaa‽‽”


"Gasp! Are you my protector spirit?”

“Sure, whatever.”

“You’ll be my enduring companion?”


“And you’ll save me from potentially perilous situations?

“Whoa, whoa. I don’t know about that. But! I can notify you if your toast is getting kinda burnt.”

“I don’t eat toast.”

“I’ll tell you if stuff in your fridge is expired.”

“That’s … wait, that’s it?”

“Remind you when you need an oil change?”

“I have a sticker on my car that tells me that.”

“Right. I’d probably just read the sticker and tell you what it says. Also, I'm allergic to gluten, so. Start shopping accordingly.”

“No offense, but you’re kinda useless.”

“And you're almost out of milk. YOU’RE WELCOME.”

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