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2nd Place in Derby #351: Inspired by Children's Books, with 231 votes!

Some potential tag lines a Very Hungry Caterpillar monster movie:

"Destroying the very caterpillars of society!"
"No one gets out alarvae!"
"So scary, you'll actually pray for a giant spider!"
"Hell arrives on gossamer wings!"
"This time, hunger isn't a game!"
"All is mothed!"
"Cocooned? More like cocdoomed!"
"1 apple. 2 pears. 3 plums. 4 eternity!"
"You won't believe the Carle-nage!"
"City life's about to get hairy!"
"Wikipedia says caterpillars are 'mostly herbivorous in food habit.' This summer, find out why they say 'mostly'!"
"Prequel to the Hungry, Hungry Butterfly!"

Those are ours. Post your own in the comments!

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Very Hungry

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