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Derby #438: Movie Posters

by wootbot

In a world … with more screens than any one human could watch … came a set of films … that were … designed by a bunch of artists who really thought about style ... lead roles ... parody ... silly stories translated to the big screen ... classics re-envisioned or interpreted... and ... this ... Shatnerian sentence…

No Creme tees and watch out for copyright … 'cuz we will.

Next Derby Preview:  3D Tees - see example - We are looking for actual 3D tees,  not just a riff on the idea. Bonus payment because of the technical challenge 1st-3rd get $300 D's. 

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Derby #437: Unpopular States

by wootbot

These are the states that got no love during our previous state derbies, so now's their time to shine: Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota & Washington DC (we were debating its districtness/stateness before).

GUESS WHAT GUYEZ? No creme tees. 

Bonus Preview: Derby #438: Movie Poster Tees. Launches Thursday at Noon. Design a movie poster on a tee. You can reference & parody existing posters or movies, but we don't want a straight-up design for an existing movie.  No Creme tees.


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