Thursday, February 26

Derby #419: Shipping Bags

by wootbot

Have you ever ordered a shirt from us? You know that neat bag that keeps it safe and sound from the filth of the delivery truck on its way to you? That thing didn't just materialize one day; it was designed. And we figure it's about time to update things, so we're issuing the challenge to YOU to update our shipping bags. Go nuts with your designs, but know this:

  • All submissions must use our bag template in AIEPS, or PSD format.
  • Designs can use only three ink colors: black, Shirt.Woot blue, and Shirt.Woot yellow.
  • The bag must be white.
  • Designs must incorporate our exclamation-point-in-a-circle mark, included in each template. This can be scaled but not stretched, skewed, or otherwise altered. The exclamation point must be white on a solid background of black, Shirt.Woot blue, or Shirt.Woot yellow.
  • No text, except for our exclamation-point-in-a-circle logo. Not even the words "Shirt.Woot."
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive a flat fee of $1000 and no commissions.
  • You'll be credited by name on the printed bags. Do not use the strip across the top of the template, which is set aside for this purpose.
  • We're not necessarily looking for Shirt.Woot-themed designs. As long as it follows the rules and includes our mark, it's eligible.
  • We reserve the right to reject anything that doesn't meet our standards or reflect on our company in ways we don't like, so don't get all butt-hurt about it.

Pay close attention to the Terms & Conditions when submitting: we will own your winning design forever. If you don't like that, don't submit.

Bonus Preview for Derby 420: Psychedelia. Go wild. No creme tees and no marijuana references allowed.

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Tuesday, February 24


Monday, February 23

Derby #417: Speed Derby - Shirt Mashups

by wootbot

SPEED DERBY! Mash up ANY two Shirt-Woot tees of your choice using ANY means necessary! Make us laugh, make us cry, just make it fast because this derby only lasts for TWO short hours!

The top three vote getters will each receive $100!

Due to slight adjustment in schedule, the Fake Rock Band tee will launch at 2PM Central. 

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Thursday, February 19

Derby #416: 2014 Community Favorite

by wootbot

We’re mixing this week’s derbies up a bit!

In case you missed it, starting on Monday we're honoring our favorite tees and artists from 2014. As part of the celebration, we want to know what you, the community, thinks. Tomorrow at Noon Central (technological gremlins willing) we're kicking off a VOTING ONLY derby featuring every design that launched on Shirt.Woot in 2014. Voting will run until Monday Noon Central, at which time the winner will be crowned Community Favorite, with all the glory and adoration that implies.

That's not all! Just for the lulz we'll be launching a one-hour speed derby on Monday at Noon Central during our live stream. Here's the theme: mash up ANY TWO Shirt-Woot shirts from our catalog using any means at your disposal. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Most of all make it on time, because it only lasts an hour! These won't be printed, but we will give the top three vote-getters a cool $100! 

And of course we still need to print tees, so here's a bonus preview: Derby #418: Fake Band Shirts Redux . Honor your favorite non-existent band with its own tee. Unless it’s a crème tee, because none of those allowed. Launches Monday @ 1PM Central. Top three vote-getters are printed next weekend and receive $1000! We'll also be picking Honorable Mentions that will launch in an HM sale on 3/2. Get busy! 

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