Thursday, November 27

Derby #387: Totes for Books

by wootbot

Your literature deserves to travel in style. Pay tribute to the written word with a booky tote design.

Templates: XXXX

Only Black, Natural, Navy, and Red totes allowed.

Also! Keep your eyes peeled for some big Derby fun from 12-4 on Monday. And then check out the Surrealism Derby launching Monday at 4pm and ending on Thursday at noon.

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Monday, November 24

Derby #386: Exercise and Healthy Living

by wootbot

Sure, exercise will be the last thing you want to do while you're drenched in gravy. But maybe the creative process burns off a few calories. We'd like to think so.

-No crème tees!

NOTE: We're doing things a little differently with Derby #386. First place will print on 11/29, 2nd on 11/30, and 3rd place will print in the 12/1 HM sale and win $250.

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Thursday, November 20


Monday, November 17