Thursday, April 24

Derby #353: Galactic Battles

by wootbot

May the Fourth is approaching, so let's get some shirts that celebrate the Great War. You know, the one that took place in a whole different galaxy, one that's somewhere far, far away. Do we need to spell it out for you? Well, we won't. You get us, right?

  • No creme tees.

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Thursday, April 17

Derby #352: Grumpy

by wootbot

Ugh. Another derby. Just what we wanted, NOT! And while we're at it, what's with the jeans kids wear these days? And why doesn't anyone know how to drive? And would it kill you to pick up the phone once in a while? Look, we'll level with you. We're in a bit of a grumpy mood. So this week, we're looking for the grumpiest sourpuss designs you got. Feed our bummer! 

  • No creme 
  • No Grumpy Cat

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Wednesday, April 16


Monday, April 14


Thursday, April 10

Derby #351: Inspired by Children's Books

by wootbot

Kids' books are great! They're like grown-up books with fewer of the boring parts (the words) and more of the good stuff (pictures)! But it seems like there's always some some movie producer or artist who wants to gut a children's book just to make a little bit of money. Well, for those guys, we've got 7 simple words: "How do we get in on that?" 

  • No crème.
  • Be careful referencing existing characters and titles. We will reject at our discretion. 

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Thursday, April 03

Derby #350: The Renaissance

by wootbot

Ahhhhh, the Renaissance. It was a time of music, art, and ... (hold on a second, we need to check Wikipedia real quick) ... science. It was a time when a guy like Leo da Vinci could be the best in the world at like 12 different things. It was a time that was, strangely, omitted altogether from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

  • No modern pop culture
  • In celebration of our 350th Derby, the winner of the first-place design receives (in addition to the standard $1,000) the contents of this box: 


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