Sunday, March 01

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes To Shirt.Woot Pricing In March

by Sam Kemmis

[Updated 3/2 - See penitent explanation below] 

Hey, we're going to test something this month and see how it goes. In March we're charging $5 standard shipping for everything on Shirt.Woot. Here’s you flipping a table in response: 


BUT we will also be lowering the price of everything. Here’s you politely righting that table: 


If you shopped with us in February you know we were calling these “Bundle Sales” and they only applied to certain sales types. Basically, everything is a bundle sale in March. This may seem like underhanded hucksterism, but we’re actually pretty confident that it’s a good thing. Why? 

  • If you buy one of the daily shirts, the price is exactly the same ($7 + $5 = $12)
  • If you buy more than one shirt in an order you will save money (see table below)
  • If you add a shirt to your cart, you unlock “free” shipping on an item from another Woot site.
  • BUT The price of buying a single Woot Plus or Catalog shirt goes up by $1 (as it did in February)


Here is an explanatory table we clearly screenshotted from Excel:

We’ve been in this “Internet” business long enough to know that some people will be upset with a change of this magnitude, so let us know in the comments exactly why you don’t like it (or why you do). Like we said, this is a test that we hope works out for everybody (especially you), but if it really sucks we'll go back to the old ways. 

So here’s the deal: We have raised the price of the Catalog shirts by $1 in this test. Basically, we miscalculated our shipping efficiency and underestimated how many Catalog shirts we’d sell. We recognize that this might seem a little crappy, and we encourage you all to keep us honest in the comments.

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Monday, February 02


Thursday, May 08

Be Bold: Win a Wacom Tablet

by Sam Kemmis

This week's Derby, "Be Bold," starts at noon CST today (May 8) and features some faaaabulous prizes for the winning artists. Check 'em: 


Hey! I'm new here! What the f*&# is a "Derby"??

The Derby is our weekly shirt design contest, voted on by the people. Each week has its own unique theme (this one is "Be Bold"), and the top three voted designs get printed (and paid). Submissions begin at noon CST every Friday, and voting runs through the following Wednesday. You can get all the gritty details in our grittily detailed FAQ page. And all the guidelines for submission can be found right here

Have questions that aren't addressed therein? Jump in the forums and start asking questions. Our community of artists, shirt lovers, and indentured servants will be happy (or, at least, willing) to help you through the process. Welcome to Shirt.Woot. 


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Monday, February 17


Wednesday, February 12

A Stupid Small Shirt

by Sam Kemmis

What do jockeys, svelte concierges, and "husky" boys have in common? They are the only people who wear a men's small shirt. And for the next few days, get a free, random men's small tee with every Shirt.Woot order -- it's A Stupid Small Shirt! 

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Tuesday, January 14


Thursday, October 03


Thursday, September 12


Thursday, August 22


Wednesday, August 21

Invent A Shirt.Woot Cocktail!

by Sam Kemmis

We're throwing a party over Labor Day weekend (details forthcoming -- promise) and we want to serve a cocktail inspired by one of our artists' designs. But all our master mixologists can think of is "The Binge" as a mixture of Bailey's and Blue Curaçao, and that sounds DISGUSTING. 

Do you have a great idea for a Shirt.Woot cocktail? It should include ingredients found at a normal bar. If it sounds better than "The Binge," we'll give it a taste test (on company time, of course) and serve the best one at the party. 

This job is so silly. 

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