Thursday, October 27

Derby #575: Silly Science

by wootbot


Derby #575: Silly Science - Make some science designs that aren't very scientific.  For example: the science of why a USB drive will only go into the slot after you've flipped it over four times. Why??  Maybe you could make one of those pretend periodic table shirts but please don't everyone do that. Or yea everyone go ahead and do that, whatever.  No cream tees. *Sigh* and I guess NO CATS this time.

Please email your art file when you submit your entry so we get it and you can get paid! $$$$$$$$ ok done. 


The Silly Science Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. The 1st - 3rd will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will be included in a sale that starts after the weekend of winners.

Next week's Derby preview: Things I'm Thankful For - Make some designs all about the things you are truly thankful for.  Seems like you could pretty much use any old design lying around, right? Like, there's no way for me to know that you aren't REALLY thankful for time-traveling tardises...tardi? But wait: NO POP CULTURE, NO CATS (the week after this will probably be a cat derby at this rate so don't freak out).

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