Thursday, December 18

Derby #397: Zip Hoodies

by wootbot

Bad news: There's a lot of winter left. Worse still, the fun festive part is about to end. And then what will we look forward to? Taxes?

Happy 2015!


  • Use either Black, Royal Blue, Navy, Brown, or Irish Green
  • You can do A) a back print and one side of the front, B) Both sides of the front, or C) just the back.
  • We can print fairly close to the zipper but not right next to it. Leave at least a 1/2" gap.
  • We will make adjustments as needed to make your design work.

AI Template

PSD Template

Preview for Derby #398: Three Colors on White
No more than 3 ink colors on a white tee. 

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Monday, December 15

Rare Flower

by wootbot

Cue enchanting Elfman-esque music.

Having been dissuaded from shopping at other stores by their brusque merchants, the unkempt Victorian English urchin wanders up to one last shop.

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Sunday, December 14


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