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Rare Flower

by wootbot

Cue enchanting Elfman-esque music.

Having been dissuaded from shopping at other stores by their brusque merchants, the unkempt Victorian English urchin wanders up to one last shop.

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Derby #395: Sweet and Sour Valentines

by wootbot

"But it's nary even Yuletide!" We hear you exclaim. TOO BAD! You're on Shirt Time now, pal!

Design us sweet and/or sour (aka bitter and sarcastic) Valentines cards. 6”x 8” @ 300dpi (we’ll size down as needed). Winners and Honorable Mentions each receive a flat $200. 

BONUS PREVIEW: Derby #396: Cryptozoology starts this Monday at Noon Central! No creme tees.


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