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Derby #383: Journals

by wootbot

They say "don't judge a book by its cover." THEY'RE FOOLS. Show a journal cover that kicks butt.


-No limits on halftones or colors. Photos are OK as long as they are your own.

-Your derby images should show a mockup of some kind so we can see what the journal looks like. Use the templates below or provide your own.

PSD Template

AI Template

PSD Sales Mockup Front

PSD Sales Mockup Back

And launching on Monday @ Noon Central:

Derby #384: Inspiration

What inspires you? What "gets your juices flowing?" For us, it's pizza.

No Creme Tees!!

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Derby #382: Baked Goods

by wootbot

No, Washington residents, not that kind of "baked." We're talking about delicious carby treats that emerge from your oven. You know, pastries and the like. No, not that kind of pastry. You're just doing this on purpose now.


No Creme Tees

Hey! Did you see our announcement about the new weekly Derby we're doing? Check out Derby 381: Aprons!

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