Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 2's Submissions

by Randall Cleveland

We're rolling right along in our quest to acquire every photo of a Woot Shirt in the Wild on our Facebook wall, and if you haven't already be sure to submit your own photos so we can show off all our cool friends to those jerks from high school who said we'd never amount to anything. And maybe hook you up with some swag. So if you see your photo below, be sure to email us so we can get in touch!

Winner, Best Shirt Reenactment: Matthew Benson

Matthew Benson reenacts our shirt
The sad part is the pose is purely coincidental.

Winner, Biggest Collection of Woot Shirts (until someone proves otherwise): Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow and his entire collection
We'd make fun of Mike, but in reality he's half the reason we're still employed.

Winner, Strength in Numbers: John Loveland

John Loveland jloveland has his own team of codemonkeys
Okay, they're no Sharks. And they're no Jets. But dammit, they're ours!

Winner, Most Stylish Couple: Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray amurray and his husband to be in a ninja engagement
Were there ever two cuter unstealthy ninjas?

Winner, Nerdiest Party We Weren't Invited To: Aricia Grant

Aricia Grant had a shirt party in Addison and didn't invite us
Aricia had a party just a few miles away from our HQ and didn't even MENTION it to us!

Winner, We'd Give You First Place if We Could Actually See it: Ashley Margos

Ashley Margos shanghei is at the Vatican's Easter Services
If you squint you can just BARELY make out the detail. Surely a devout Catholic wouldn't lie?

And Our Absolute Most Favorite Photo (This week, anyway): Patrick Goldberg

Patrick Goldberg may be threatening the easter bunny
This also won the "most likely to be used as a mugshot on the evening news" award.

Congrats to this week's winners! If your photo didn't get picked, worry not! Keep submitting on our Facebook page and you too could have a place in the hallowed halls of our tiny off to the side blog!