Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 3's Submissions

by Scott Lydon

We're rolling right along in our quest to acquire every photo of a Woot Shirt in the Wild on our Facebook wall, and if you haven't already be sure to submit your own photos so we can show off all our cool friends to those jerks from high school who said we'd never amount to anything. And maybe hook you up with some swag. So if you see your photo below, be sure to email us so we can get in touch!

Slowly but surely, we're dressing the world. Our attempt to find every Woot Shirt in the Wild has gone well, and you can see the full results on our Facebook wall. If you haven't already submitted, please do! We want to see your happy face above our snazzy clothing! Below you'll find a little selection of our faves this week. If you recognize your photo, email the commissioner so we can get in touch. And if you recognize someone else, why not give them a round of applause?

Most Threatening Photo: Wesley Stephanak

Wesley Stephanak is not stealthy
Here Wesley re-enacts an average shirt.woot forums discussion.

Even More Biggest Collection Of Shirts Than Last Week: Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose accepted our challenge, posts 80 shirts
Kyle Rose goes for the record and shows off his 80 shirts! We don't feel like
counting so we'll just take his word on that. The bar has been raised, people!

Best Reference To A TV Show We Haven't Mentioned In A Shirt: Jeremy Ciccone

Jeremy Ciccone proves that bird law may actually be a thing
It's pretty clear who the wildcard his, isn't it?

Best Arrow-To-The-Knee Joke: Allison Hardin('s husband)

Allison Hardin's husband reinacts art
Once a great skiier, now he helps Boy Scouts get their
disability awareness badges. Well done, Bobby Hardin.

Most confusing family photo: Katie Zurovetz

Katie Zurovetz and her family's album cover
So this is why you couldn't make the end-of-school party? Really?

Best Use Of A Shirt.Woot Product That Is Not A Shirt (and our favorite photo of the week): Jen Winslow

Jen Winslow submits this BOSS bag
If she can sew really fast, we might start a new product line!

Congrats to this week's winners! If your photo didn't get picked, worry not! Keep submitting on our Facebook page and you too could witness your face being stared at by strangers you'll never likely meet.