Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 4's Submissions

by Randall Cleveland

Time again to doff our caps to the bold, brave, and beautiful souls among you wiling to photograph yourselves, your friends, or even just random people you met on the street wearing Woot Shirts. If you spy your own photo here, please please please email and let them know your Woot username. For, uh, no reason. Certainly not presents. Here are our faves from this week!

Winner, Biggest Collection of Woot Shirts (until someone proves otherwise): Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen is saying his official count is 155
Michael claims we're lookin' at 155 shirts. We didn't count 'em, but we think he's good for it.


Winner, Most Appropos T-Shirt Pun: Eva Morgun

Eva Morgun shows us how she rolls with 19 plates down
There are few better ways to say, "That's how I roll," than by downing 19 plates of sushi.

Winner, Most Threatening-Looking Baby: Collin Vanden Heuvel

Collin Vanden Heuvel doesn't need to tell us he's not as innocent as he looks
You're tellin' us YOU would mess with this kid?

Winner, Farthest Flung Wooter (this week): Daphne Sheena McArtor

Daphne Sheena McArtor is at the Summer Palace in Beijing
Daphne went all the way to BEIJING just to snap a photo! That's dedication, folks.

And Our Absolute Most Favorite Photo (This week, anyway): Heather Alger Worthen

Heather Alger Worthen knows how to get them to decorate cookies
We're giving this award in the hopes that the army she's raising will spare us when they finally strike.

Congrats to this week's winners! Keep submitting photos on our Facebook page for your chance to be featured here!