Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 5's Submissions

by Randall Cleveland

Another Friday means another chance to recognize true Woot Pride in those who sent us photographs of themselves, their loved ones, and complete strangers wearing Woot Shirts in the wild. As always, please submit your own Woot Shirt photos to our Facebook page and if you see your photo below, email our commissioner and let them know your Woot username for fun surprises! Here are our faves from this week:

Winner, We're Not Sure What She's Trying to Prove Here: Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart proves that trees fall AND you can hear them… maybe
Psst. Amanda. It's hard for us to tell if your'e hearing anything or not.

Winner, Most Adorable Kid Ever Until You Prove Us Wrong: Ju Lien

Ju Lien's son is a fan of dinosaurs
He's a Shirt.Woot fan AND he's into dinosaurs? The kid's got a bright future ahead of him.

Winner, Most Dedicated Brand Ambassador: Colleen, aka februarystar27

plump horse
Colleen went on a Disney cruise and, judging by her photos, wore a Woot Shirt every single day. THAT'S brand loyalty!

Winner, Best Family Photo: Jeffrey Griffith and family

Jeffrey Griffith and a family photo
Don't get us wrong, the Griffiths are great people. They're just terrible at darts.

And Our Absolute Favorite (this week, anyway): Roger Donahue

You're not foolin' us one bit, Roger. You've got no idea what's in that bag, do ya?