Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 6's Submissions

by Randall Cleveland

We're another week closer to our 5th Birthday and so it's time to review another week's worth of Wooters' photos of themselves donning their best Woot Shirts! Take a gander, email our commissioner if you see your photo listed for a special pat on the back, and keep posting pics on our Facebook wall! Maybe to your backyard bbq over the holiday, even? Here are this week's entries:

Winner, Coolest Detail Shot: Katherine Norris

Katherine Norris shows us a shirt in action
You can really see the glow when it's in the dark!

Winner, Best Shirt in Action Shot: Teagan Norseth

Teagan Norseth is baking it so
Set course for frosting, Teagan.

Winner, Best Match: Debby Brown

Debby Brown is fostering a twinkie!
Everybody now: "Awwwwwww."

Winner, Most Adorable Matchup: JezebelSeven

Needs more Pop Tarts.

And Our Absolute Favorite (this week, anyway): Brent Peterson

Brent Peterson is number one! Brent Peterson is number one!
The lengths some people will go to to cop a feel on someone's butt.