Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 7's Submissions

by Scott Lydon

Our 5th Birthday looms. It looms, dear readers. And as we ready ourselves to celebrate, we're gathering Wooters' photos of themselves in their best Woot Shirts! After the jump, you'll see the ones we've chosen this week. If you see yourself, email your username to our our commissioner so we can compliment your style. Everybody else, keep posting those your pics! We've got a Facebook wall and a Flickr pool and we're not done lookin' at you yet! Now get ready for this week's entries…

Best Reenactment: RMBJustice (a.k.a. Rose)

Rose understands Couldn't Care Less Bear
A rose by any other name still probably couldn't care less than this rose right here.

Angriest Acquiescence To Our Demand For A Photo: Ashley Manzella

Ashley Manzella says she wants attention HERE'S YOUR ATTENTION ASHLEY
Oh, she'll do it. But she's not gonna like it. She's not gonna like it one bit.

Weirdest... Accessory?: Erica Larson Odello

Erica Larson Odello is very slightly trying to be Pocahontas
But to be fair, that is an excellent looking muffin she's chosen.

Best Photo Series Featuring A Woot Shirt And Something We'd Sell On Woot: Djanlp

the stages of receiving a Snuggie: getting it, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
Ultimately, the warmth always wins. Except in physics, there it's the exact opposite.

And finally, here's Our Absolute Favorite Of The Week: Lichme

lichme lives a life that imitates art
Nerdy yet daring! We think he won't be going it alone for long.