Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 8's Submissions

by Randall Cleveland

Who's ready for our weekly review of beautiful people in beautiful clothing? Time once again for the week's top submissions of people just like you wearing their Woot Shirts in the wild! Want to be included? Post your own photos to our Facebook wall! See your photo included today? Email our commissioner with your Woot username so as to claim any possible reward. Now for this week's entries!

Winner, Proof that Nerdiness is Genetic: Amy Muhlenkort

Amy Muhlenkort has a pretty nerdy family
Like father, like daughter: blocky.

Winner, Messiest Shirt.Woot Collection: Blue Jester

We've got the folks from Hoarders on the line.

Winner, Most Anal Retentive Shirt.Woot Collection: kerrybilickihttp

We're gonna need another basket....
Now THAT is a borderline-obsessive attention to detail.

Winner, Best Celebrity Appearance That's Totally Not Photoshopped: capguncowboy

Seems legit.

And Our Absolute Favorite (this week, anyway): Aaron Lohrbach

Aaron Lohrbach had a BBQ and forced everyone to wear a woot shirt!
​How do you keep out the riff raff? Mandatory dress code!