Derby #147: Double-Take Derby Nine

by WootBot

We give you guys a theme, we give you some basic guidelines, and at the end of it all a bunch of button-eyed rabbits and penguins (penguin is the new bunny) win it all. And that's fine, really; after all, the voters are the ones buying the shirts. But sometimes, darn it, WE want to buy a shirt. That's why we're dipping into the Honorable Mention shirt designs from Derbies 133 - 145 for your voting pleasure.

Designers: if in the meantime you've opted out of including your design in the Double-Take Derby, or sold/submitted your Honorable Mention design somewhere else, email us at by noon tomorrow and let us know. Any design found submitted for voting to another site, sold on another site, or for sale on another site will not be eligible for the Double-Take Derby and will be removed from consideration. Because we're jealous like that.


We're giving you a full extra week to brainstorm on our NEXT Derby, which will start up May 21:

Derby #148: Déjà vu

We've all had those moments that make you feel like the Matrix is reconfiguring: did that cat just walk by twice? Have I been in this gas station bathroom before? Didn't I already design a shirt for this theme? Pick your favorite Derby theme from the past and come up with your best new design! Be sure to check out the list at Shirt.What? to make sure you know your options. Obviously you'll want to follow the design restrictions, but each Derby has its own individual rules and regulations, so for the contest just follow these simple rules:

No resubmissions. Not even "significantly altered" ones. Your design has to be brand-spanking new.

No using Derby #55c: Freestyle. Nice try, though.

No copyrighted material.

Keep it classy. No racism, no religious mockery, no drug use or paraphernalia, you know the drill.

Title Your Design with the Derby You've Chosen. We've got to be able to tell somehow.

For early discussion of Derby #148: Déjà vu, head to this forum thread.