Derby #187 (Retro Audio: Records, Tapes, and CDs): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

In honor of Hipster Week over on the Woot blog we went digging through our

vintage music-themed Derby

to bring you some Editors' choices that you've probably never even heard of. But we were all about them before they were cool.


Dead Man's Party

by Spiritgreen

We know Brendan Frasier needs work, but these sequels are getting pretty ridiculous.


Mine is the last voice you will ever hear

by thatrobert

We're always looking for more ways to induce headaches in our audience!


Walk, Man, Walk

by SeedUvPain

Yeah, keep telling yourself it's for the tapes' benefit. Just as long as you get out there and move around.


The Comeback

by BootsBoots

More consumer products could be improved with the addition of nematocysts.


you spin me right round

by jewelwing

"...and please stop doing it, because you're making me dizzy."


two turntables and a gramophone

by odysseyroc

This is a little more acceptable than that "Sexx Laws" shirt.


Music Never Dies

by DianaSprinkle

Someone get those French guys on the phone. We've got their next tour shirt.


How it really worked

by amh

We GUESS it could've happened that way.


Audio Emergency

by walmazan

"I don't care how good the album is, $6 million is ridiculous!"


Songs Of The Sea

by expo01

This is why we stopped buying secondhand vinyl. Some people just don't know how to care for it.


Ancient Artifact

by kinzoku

"That's when the attack comes, not from the front but from the side, from the other two cassette tapes you didn't even know were there."


Like a Record, Baby, Right Round

by rrb97reg

That looks like it's going to skip.



That's it. So like, enjoy them or whatever. We'll hang on to these designs until our next Double-Take Derby or until Pitchfork wants to review them or something. Until then, check out the current Derby to see what all the mainstreamers are wearing and vote for some cool indie shirt no one will wear.