Derby #195 (Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

It was a hellacious week in our Derby, as the dead rose and walked the earth once again. A slew of artists fought valiantly, but fighting a zombie horde is as taxing on the soul as it is the body. Many fell, horror-stricken and paralyzed by what they'd seen. Still others ended it themselves, too afraid to face what the future would be. The rest we piled into a shopping cart and brought over here. Stay back. They're still kinda twitchy.



by rogerrogerroger

Ah, yes. "Cute thing doing a terrible thing." Sign us up.


Brains are Peasant Food

by omnitarian

Disregard females. Acquire brains.


Barrel of Zombies

by stardamsel

"Just hose it out and we can use it for wine making again."



by CrescentDebris

This is actually the 5:00 am Black Friday view from inside a Wal-Mart.


Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie

by BootsBoots

Awfully pudgy for a robot who claims to be both a ninja AND a pirate.


Escape: Nowhere

by radiomode

Note to Hollywood: if you have a thrilling rescue written in at this part, RE-WRITE IT. Not everyone gets a happy ending.


You can't trust something that won't stay dead

by jlegos

Should've been a Coyote.



by grrlmarvel

Someone make this into a glass filled with a margarita and TAKE OUR MONEY!


Zombie in Space REDUX

by nblottie

Why was he wearing a tie in space?


Go Green

by DianaSprinkle

Wouldn't this be more along the lines of composting?



So there you have it! We'll try to keep these things locked in a room with chains on the door and wooden barricades over the windows until our Double-Take Derby lets them rise up again. Until then, shamble over to our Derby page and see what's groaning ominously in the dark over there.