Derby #211 (Everyday 8-Bit): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

Hoo boy. Not everyone understood what we were looking for in our real-life-as-video-game-Derby, but there were enough people who understood it wasn't just about pixels. Our editors set aside some of their faves from the week's submissions, so here they are:


The Amazing 2-step Workout

by Spiritgreen

It just doesn't have the same sense of accomplishment as moving three feet in QWOP.


The Legend of Pancakes

by fishbiscuit5

A breakfast without protein is the "wooden sword" of nutrition.


read a book!

by rogerrogerroger

Whenever we try reading Faulkner the little hourglass just spins forever until we do a hard reset.



by BootsBoots

FINALLY, typing random commands pays off!


finish itttt!

by rogerrogerroger

"Diabetes wins. Fatality."


I hate that hourglass!

by walmazan

Don't click the messenger, guys!


The Suburban Trail

by graffd02

"You stop fighting back there or I'll pull over and bring back 200 pounds of meat to this car!"


Super Effective

by DianaSprinkle

This is why you need a +1 Water Spritzer.


Hip Knitter

by gement

Hey man, don't diss Tree Cozies.


My Iconic Life

by chunkydesign

You really need to reduce the number of electronic screens in your life, champ.



And that's all for this week! We'll set these in the entertainment center until it's time to blow on them and pop them in again for a Double-Take Derby. Until then, check out what's happening in our current Derby here.