Derby #239 (The Year You Were Born: Redux!): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

Ever since we got one of those birthday cards that listed all the stuff that happened the year we were born, we've been obsessing over the past. We asked the Shirt.Woot artists to let us in on the most momentous events from the years THEY were born, and aside from making us feel super old it also gave us a plethora of cool designs, such as:


1968: Food Was Cheap

by fishbiscuit5

You could've claimed this was a "Burgertime" reference and shaved almost 20 years off your age.



by patrickspens

...and instantly loathed us for our AOL-speak.


1974: It's Alive!

by walmazan

Oh, the heady days of decorative mouse pads to show your personality at work.


1973 The Future is Now

by odysseyroc

The future is on fire and plummeting from the sky!


1989: RIP Salvador Dali

by cpresti

There will never be another mustache like it.



by artulo

What's next? Foxes wearing sockses?


1981 A Legend is Born

by tjost

A legend is born, and milked with minimal innovation for the next 35 years.


1988: Return to Flight

by werewolfskippy

Too soon?


1972: Eggspecting

by Spiritgreen




That's all for this Derby! We'll keep 'em around until the next Double-Take, but until then check out the current Derby and vote for your faves!