Derby #242 (One Word): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

One word. That's all we wanted. No fancy fonts, no slogans, just one word using art to spell it out. We had a ton of submissions, but only a few would make the HM list this week. Here they are:


we're not unreasonable

by ApeLad

Okay, but what do I get in return?



by patrickspens

FALSE. The ninja cannot be seen at all.



by cuzwhynot

We encourage you to wear this to make you more easily avoidable in public.


Seed of Hope

by ochopika

Hope: it's deep underground, in a tangled and difficult-to-extricate bundle.



by benjaminleebates

Needs more goggles on tophats.



by revolvingdoor

This is going on a bumpersticker somewhere.



by ziegenhorn

I see what you ate there.


Inconceivable (V2)

by lucky1988

Death, Sicilian, etc.



by DianaSprinkle

Yes, we get it, DianaSprinkle, we're all looking at your bone. Stop giggling.


I love science

by radiomode

Science is a cruel mistress, all calculating and logical and unflinchingly honest.



That's all for our One Word HMs! Stay tuned for our next Double-Take Derby, when you'll see them again. Until then, check out the haps in our current Derby!