Derby 243 (Spring into Spring!): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

 We asked you guys to spring out your most springy designs in celebration of the Northern hemisphere sloughing off the frozen dandruff of winter and putting on its Sunday best for the upcoming burst of warmth, light, and life that is Spring. Here are the designs that didn't quite make the cut for voters, but which our Art Directors couldn't resist:


Dirt Buggies

by Spiritgreen

It becomes much more sinister when you realize his bike is made of bugs and this is pretty much slave labor.


Eyedropper Tool

by kaleidoscopicfailure

Fun fact: the hummingbird has no sense of smell. Probably from sticking its nose in flowers all day and burning out its olfactory nerves.



by Radscoolian

You heard it from Radscoolian, kids. Go out and ignite all the trees near YOUR home today!


Secret Recipe

by nblottie

FALSE. Peep chicks are kept confined in tight cages and force fed marshmallow fluff through a tube extending directly into their stomachs.


Impending Doom

by patrickspens

Man, he just lands on your arm and rubs it in like that? Birds are a^%holes.


Sneaky Thief

by ochopika

Sneaky? What do you mean sneaky? IT'S RIGHT THERE!


spring symphonia

by kharmazero

Yeah, it looks all creative until you realize it's the sheet music for kharmazero's mating call.


Spring Struck

by werewolfskippy

We're finding out every day that plants are more devious than we thought.


Veg of the Day

by blustar

"I'll admit, it really didn't put up much of a fight."


Springtime is for lovers

by lucky1988

I know it's supposed to be cute or whatever, but all I can picture is the incredibly intense stench of old urine.



That's all for this round, folks! Check back at our next Double-Take Derby for your chance to vote on these and more designs, but until then, scratch your voting itch by checking out our current Derby!