Derby #244 (Breakfast Mascots): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

 If you wanna move some serious product, you need a good mascot. Even breakfasts need good mascots, so we asked you guys to generate exciting new mascots for any and all breakfast foods you could think of! The winners were scarfed down like so much cereal on Saturday morning, but we still found some delicious blue milk worth slurping up afterwards. Jeez, that metaphor took a weird turn.



by odysseyroc

Part of this complete breakfast. Unless you ask Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


Need I Say More?

by patrickspens

No, but for cryin' out loud put some clothes on!


Bacon and Eggs

by midgerock

We liked the season finale when it was revealed Detective Bacon was actually the Cholesterol Killer.



by Radscoolian

This...this is gross.


Super banana to the rescue!

by jasneko

Jasneko, are you one of THOSE people who whines all day about "only eating a banana?"


Plight of the Breakfast Egg

by BootsBoots

I've established a shelter for eggs like yourself. It's compostable paper and it houses 12 at a time.



by nathanwpyle




by rogerrogerroger

Pancakes! For when you want to eat so much you immediately feel ill afterwards.



by fablefire

Coffee doesn't actually do any reanimating. It just blocks the hormones and stuff that make you tired from actually being received. SCIENCE.


Eat Cereal

by geekfactor12

Didn't this used to be a fuzzy pink rabbit? And didn't they sell it at Hot Topic?


Pixel Pixie's 8 Bit Bytes

by cpresti

Because it's dangerous to go without a breakfast!


Honey Zombee

by taternuggets

Now we're getting a little meta.


Sugar Frosted Binary Bits (V2)

by lucky1988

Those are probably really crunchy.


The most important meal...

by tjost

That's why you should pack in at least 1400 calories!



That's all for breakfast! Be sure to look for these guys to get served for the next DoubleTake Derby, but until then check out and vote in our current Derby right here!