Derby #245 (Poetry Illustrated): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

We can get all "literate" and junk, too, y'know. We even proved it with a sweet poetry-jam derby, and you guys came through in a big way. Not everyone gets printed, though, so here's a salute to those t-shirt poets toiling in obscurity for the love of their craft:


Canis Major

by anemality

This would make a good Keanu Reeves band shirt.


The Writer

by rasabi

This is just what it's like for us at Woot! Except it's less an ocean and more of a crappy door desk. And instead of a typewriter it's a MacBook. And- You know what? It's not much like our office at all, actually.


10 000 stars - e.e. cummings

by colinlepper

We would've also accepted, "100,000 Fireflies."


I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

by perdita00

Maybe if you'd dry up a bit you'd meet some people.


pity this busy monster manunkind

by graffd02

Wait, isn't this the owl from Jason & The Argonauts?


Tell Tale

by patrickspens

"So it's a two-bedroom with an unfinished basement, new paint in the living room, horrific haunted pulsing emanating from the floor, shall we check out the bathrooms?"


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

by lucky1988

The only correct option for rabbit is braised. Mmmm. Braised rabbit.


The Falling Flower

by ochopika

Looks more like cotton candy.


Trees by Joyce Kilmer

by paxdomino

It looks romantic until you realize they're trying to strangle each other to death with their root systems.


That is not dead which can eternal lie...

by bairdmandust

See? If you just bury your worries and troubles deep inside, eventually good stuff springs out of them.



That's all for this sheaf of shirts. We'll keep them filed in our drafts until it's time for a Double-Take again, but until then go vote in our current Derby now!