Derby #246 (Animals Re-Enact History): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

We figured if anything could spice up boring ol' History, it would be cute fuzzy animals acting it out. And we were right! But history's written by the victors, which means even though our Art Directors loved these shirts, they're doomed to be footnotes:


First Flight, We can Fly!!

by cartoonron2007

"Now we just need some seal-seeking missiles!"



by Radscoolian

Psst. Napoleon wasn't actually short. Cartoons have failed you again, Radscoolian.


Electric Eel

by Spiritgreen

Wait. How is the kite flying if he's underwater? If he's not underwater, how is he levitating off the ground? And why's he doing this whole thing if he's an electric eel in the first place? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


Cheese Pyramid

by Naolito

For those keeping track, please mark "Shirt.Woot t-shirt making light of slave labor" on your "Decline of Western Civilization" scorecard.


Trojan Cat

by ochopika

I bet it smells terrible inside that thing.



by padpanda

Checking out that baby chicken, eh? Have a seat right over there.


Genghis Khat

by helgram

And now almost 1% of us are related to him. THIS IS WHY YOU SPAY AND NEUTER, FOLKS.


Guy Fox

by logomachinist

Remember, remember, to secure your trash lids or else I'll come nosing around.



That's all the Honor we have to Mention this week! We'll dust off these historical tomes the next time there's a Double-Take Derby, but until then be sure to check out (and vote on) this week's Derby!