Derby #247 (Open Spaces): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

We partnered with the Sierra Club and issued a challenge: give us your most artistic outdoors designs. You guys came through with great stuff as always, including these favorites:


From the Heart

by collinvh

Specifically, the artichoke heart.


Plant a tree

by Naolito

It's adorable until you realize that fertilizer is people.


So close, So far

by Naolito



Top of the World

by dreadwood

Sure, there are no predators. But there's no one else at all.


Our Own Dam Place

by wirdou

Needs more beaver dam.


Mount Baker

by helgram

There's that old Shirt.Woot flavor refusing to go away!


Clean Up

by Radscoolian

Is that paint eco-friendly?


I Heart Trees

by littleclyde

Don't we all?


The REAL Bonsai Tree

by dijay

This one wins some kind of cultural sensitivity award.


Four Seasons

by DianaSprinkle

This one seems kinda familiar...



There you have it! We'll hang on to these until it's Double-Take time again. Until then, check out the current Derby and vote on your faves!