Derby #248 (Art Nouveau): Honorable Mentions

by Randall Cleveland

It's taken some of us longer than others to reconcile the fact that we're a site that sells cutesy, jokey shirts about rabbits and penguins. It might not be what we set out to achieve in this life, but it's our niche and we like to think we fill it adequately. But once in awhile a Derby like Art Nouveau comes up and shows us just how talented you guys really are. There were some GREAT entries in this Derby, and it was a bummer not all of them got to print, but here are some of our faves: 


Don't trust appearances

by Naolito

"Nah, it's probably fine to pet him."


Cranes Nouveau

by collinvh

This would make a great sticker on the back of a pick-up truck. Is there a crane hunting season?


In Darkness

by ramyb

Eventually you reach the point where you don't even read the Derby theme before you submit stuff.


Iris Nouveau

by khallion

How YOU doin'?


Les Plumes Tombent

by noxandpy

In our experience, peacocks aren't quite as majestic when they're crapping all over your driveway.


Apocalyista Nouveau

by CrescentDebris

It was love at first warning shot.


Velociraptor with a Ray Gun

by lucky1988

Somewhere, in 1997, a ska band album cover is born.


the bleue dragonfly

by sombrillo

Anything that kills mosquitoes gets a pass in our book.


That's all for now. We'll hold onto these designs until it's Double-Take time again, when we'll throw them up for your re-voting pleasure. Until then, vote in the current Derby going on here!